Broadlands. Our Story.

Broadlands is a new fashion brand founded by young people for young people. This process has been a long adventure.

Felix the Designer, CEO & Founder of Broadlands was born in a family with fashion manufacturing background, his mother responsible for weaving and his father for repairing the machines, Felix discovers in his youth the passion for designing fashion. He fellows 50 years of a family tradition Felix involves himself in fashion manufacturing.

In 2001, a trip to New York encouraged Felix to chase his dream of designing shirts for men created from a single source and available for everyone, inspired by the style of NYC.  

The vision of Felix to design and produce came true. In January 2018 Broadlands was launched. He brought our young Team together to provide the highest quality for our shirts, through controlling every step from designing, production to the delivery. The single source concept provides a unique & sustainable quality for our Brand.

Broadlands industrial Style is reflecting the feelings, inspiration and impression of New York City and captures the moments of the taxi ride from the airport through NYC. 

Felix perfectly combines the old family tradition with New York and gives Broadlands his own character.

We are happy to announce that our factory is BSCI and WRAP certified.